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Fuel Injection Services

Over time, carbon deposits from burning gas can cause a layer of build-up on your fuel injectors and fuel system. A FIS cleans all the nasty build up and flushes it out of your fuel system. Think of this service as going to the dentist for a teeth cleaning to remove tartar and plaque. A fuel injection service will remove the carbon deposits and flush the fuel system.

Who needs a FIS?

Any person who drives and maintains a gasoline powered car from the early 1990s – 2017. Pretty much all of us.

When does my car need a FIS?

60,000 – 90,000 mile intervals

If your odometer reads between 60,000 – 90,0000 miles or between 120,0000 – 180,000 miles you’ll want to get his valuable maintenance, especially if your car goals are longevity.

Do you notice a drop in your fuel economy? Does your car feel sluggish or lack power when the hit the accelerator? These are signs of a carbon build-up in the fuel system.

Why do you need a FIS?

  1. Improve gas mileage – Save money!
  2. Reduce your car’s emissions – Reduce carbon footprint!
  3. Restore and protect your car’s performance – Increase car’s life!

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138 W Spring St
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